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Plushes galore!

Plush Moonkin
I finally got some really good daytime pictures of all of the druid plushies I've been working on over the last two months, so be prepared for a massive photo dump inside.

The Tauren and Night Elf cats are from patterns in The A to Z of Soft Animals by Carolyn Hall, with modifications to make them Warcraft creatures. The Moonkin is my own pattern that I created from scratch.

Included within:
Horde - White Tauren lion, Tan Tauren lion
Alliance - Purple Night Elf nightsaber, Night Elf moonkin
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The life of a raider

Crit Chicken is a chicken
ICC is coming out NOW and that's pretty neat. So let's say goodbye to Ulduar with this video, which is pretty neat. I've seen all of these fights on 25, so there really is that much chaos going on when we're in there. Bosses aside, Ulduar is just a gorgeous instance, even if it's gotten really, really monotonous.

But wait, what's that? I know. We've been in Trial of the Crusader for a long time now, and although I'd like to say "goodbye forever" to it, I know that with the gated release system to Icecrown Citadel, we'll be farming ToC for many, many more weeks. Are you really curious to see where Serthida spends most of her time?

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Dec. 4th, 2009

Crit Chicken is a chicken
I'm going to post this, because it's late and it made me laugh.

Oh so many screenshots

L2P Garrosh - Aggro means you're winning
It's been a busy week! Raid for the Cure is today, I started work on a properly colored Alliance moonkin, and my deck is frozen and scary. Oh, and we got a new washing machine, so that's neat.

What's been going on in WoW? Oh, so much. Achievements galore, brand new UI for all of my characters, and a moonkin flash mob, all insideCollapse )

Nov. 11th, 2009

Balance spec icon (starfall?  really?)
Hey I KNOW THIS PERSON. lol hi guise it's me again on that one WoW site


Onyxia - many whelps
We lost one of our tanks last night to another guild. That leaves us with two still awesome (55,000 hp) tanks. Bad news - Anub on HM 25 needs 3, since we drop two frost patches, leaving Anub to one tank, then two others to pick up the adds.

And I just respecced Serth to a stupid over the top mana regen spec last night strictly for Anub fights. WTF. Guess it's back to Moonglade to give that greedy trainer more of my gold.

I guess is going to put the pink moonkin on their main site in the next day or two as well. That's kinda neat.